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Live at Carnegie Hall - Sept. 26-28, 2019
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INCREDIBLE Entrepreneurs at this year’s LIVING LEGENDS
Special "Living Legend" Guest Speakers:
Martha Stewart
Ice-T and Coco
Michael Gerber - E-Myth
Steve Larsen - 2 Comma Club X
Plus Hal Elrod of Miracle Morning, Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerrys, Mark Simone of WRO710 Radio, and Many More... 
The Event Details
When: September 26-28, 2019
Where: Carnegie Hall, New York City
Three Full Days of Content Designed to "Celebritize" YOU So You STAND OUT
and GET NOTICED - Attracting Clients and Opportunities to You Like Crazy...

PLUS the Industry's Biggest, Most Star-Studded Award Show for Marketers, Speakers, Coaches, Authors and New Media Figures!
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What if YOU were the obvious choice for your perfect clients?
What if they sought you out, and said YES quickly?
There's a way to make it happen - FAST.  Become a "category of one."
From the Desk of Clint Arthur
New York, New York

Allow me to introduce you to a Living Legend, and the man who shared this concept with me.  You may have heard of Mr. Dan Kennedy?

He's a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; strategic advisor to countless from-scratch 7-figure+ income entrepreneurs; and author of the popular No B.S. book series.

And he knows what it means to be in a "category of one" - because that's what truly makes all the difference in the success or failure of your business.

Let's face it.  If you're struggling to stand out... if you're blending in as "just another ______" (consultant, coach, dentist, doctor, lawyer, designer, marketer, or whatever your title is)... you can't grow your business and attract clients the way you deserve.

Because your talent, your skill, your gift, your passion - none of those are the problem.

The problem is positioning.  You've GOT to stand out.

How do you do that?  Yes, we're back to the "category of one."

Get clear on this: you are the ONLY one, who does what you do, for the clients you do it for, to deliver the results you deliver.

When you get right down to it, your category of one is what you are the best in the world at.

And when you're ready to define and own that expertise... that's when you really begin to stand out and get noticed.
Now, I'm Going to Let You in On a Little Big Secret...
No one is going to show up to "crown you" king or queen of your expertise.

No one is going to give you "permission" to claim your "best in the world at..." category of one.

You've got to do it.

You've got to decide.

You've got to claim it.

And... when you're ready to make that leap, big things start to happen!

This is exactly how you finally get to the goals you've set...
You'll be seen differently in your space.

By colleagues and partners.

By clients and prospects.

Truthfully, you'll be seen differently by everyone around you!

No more blending!

You are NOT "just another _______"....

And that, my friend, is what leads to more SALES, to more CLIENTS, to more CASHFLOW...

...and ultimately to the FREEDOM you desire and deserve in your business.
Three Simple (But Not Always Easy) Steps
Identify Your "Category of One"

Identify your specific expertise and what makes you unique in your space.  Then discover how exactly to weave this unique "category of one" into everything.
Get Recognized by Others

Go after opportunities to get on stage, get interviewed, get in the media - and get recognized by others for the amazing  you do.
Attract Attention

Once you've got your "category of one" established and recognized, it's time to attract attention and get NOTICED by your ideal clients.  Become irresistible!
Now, Let Me Show You How You Can Accomplish ALL THREE
...and Become a "Category of One" in a Single 3-Day Weekend!
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"Entertainment, content and networking on a level you’ve never experienced!"
~ WABC Radio, New York
The CEG created the Living Legends Award® as a celebration of excellence and the industry's only peer-based award. It acknowledges marketers, speakers, coaches, authors and new media figures who have the greatest positive entrepreneurial impact. 
The Celebrity Entrepreneurs Guild®  (creators of the Living Legends Award®) believes business is about more than simply "making money". Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy and the main drivers of our society’s progress. 

Still, there's a HUGE problem staring entrepreneurs today right smack in the face. Way too many get lost in all the digital "noise". It's easy to wind up lumped into a pile of "another one of those".

The big myth that gets pushed is, "The Internet and social media make it easy to get exposure and get your message out there." But the reality is, since anyone and everyone can put up pages, create profiles and post videos, entrepreneurs today are drowning in all the noise. If you're like most marketers, speakers, coaches, and authors – you're probably getting buried in the heap.

Doctorow's 2nd Law says, "Fame Won't Make You Rich, But You Can't Get Paid Without It." What that means is, in order to rise above the fray and get paid BIG, you've got to understand and leverage the power of celebrity. It lends the credibility your clients and customers need to believe in you, to buy from you, and to actually use your signature solutions.

Bottom line, no matter what anyone says, you've got to "celebritize" yourself, your business and your signature system. Celebrity status is a necessary ingredient if you want to win in 2019. So, along with his celebrity entrepreneur guests, Living Legends host Clint Arthur will help you do exactly THAT!
For the Next 10 Who Enroll to Join Us...
We're gifting you an opportunity you won't believe.
Show up for our pre-event trainings, and send in an application with your "category of one" and why you're the best in the world at it.

We'll review it and before you leave the event, we'll present you with an official "LIVING LEGEND OF (your category of one) AWARD" - at Carnegie Hall!

Imagine the instant credibility and prestige when you share this honor...
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Martha Stewart
Retail Businesswoman and America’s Most
Trusted Lifestyle Expert
PRESENTATION: "Martha Stewarts Celebrity Secrets of  Building Business Empires"
Dan Kennedy
Multi-Millionaire Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing King and GKIC Founder
PRESENTING: "No BS - How to Magnetically Attract Affluent Customers Who Spend Big Money"
Jerry Greenfield
Businessman,  Philanthropist, Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's
PRESENTING: "Ben & Jerry's Inside Scoop: Category Killing Brands That Lick Your Competition"
Ice-T & Coco Austin
Grammy-Winning, Emmy-Nominated Musicians, Actors and Producers
PRESENTATION: Celebrity Secrets of Personal Branding and International Stardom
New York Times Mega Best-Selling Author; Creator of the E-Myth
PRESENTING:  "Get Out of Working IN Your Business - Get Working ON Your Business"
Mr. Brunson's Righthand Funnel-Builder; 2-Comma Club X Award Winner!
PRESENTING: "The Core of What it Takes: Offers That Convert & Funnels that CRUSH"
Walter O'Brien
Executive Producer of CBS “Scorpion” based on his life stories as an elite “Problem Solver” for 3-letter agencies and wealthy corporations. IQ197 “The Smartest Man You Will Ever Meet”
HRH Maryanne Parker
Specialist in Diplomacy, Protocol, and Intercultural Relations
PRESENTING: "Etiquette Secrets to Save Your Life & Catapult You Into Luxury Lifestyle"
Dylan Howard
"King of Hollywood Scoops"
and Entertainment Journalist of the Year
PRESENTING: "Content that Compels Clicks & Buyers, Just Like Star and National Enquirer Magazines"
Hal Elrod
International Best Selling Author and Creator of the "Miracle Morning"
PRESENTING: "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Making Miracles Every Morning"
Mark Simone
#1 Rated Talk Show Host and One of America's Most Listened to Radio/TV Hosts
PRESENTING: "How to Get Rebooked onto TV and Radio Over and Over and Over Every Time"
Clint Arthur – Host
Celebrity Entrepreneur-Maker and Host of Living Legends 19
PRESENTING: "Celebritize Yourself - Everything You Need to Get Everything You Want and More!"
Clint Arthur has appeared on 100+ Local and National TV News & Talk shows. He's helped clients get booked on 3,849+ shows since 2012, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, HLN, Dr. Oz, Fox Business Network. Global high performers seek him out for his help with the otherwise daunting task of "celebritizing" themselves.

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Two POWERFUL Events in One!
Living Legends 19 is more than just three solid days of pure, actionable content. It's like two events rolled up into one. Not only are you going to discover the secrets of creating celebrity that convert into BIG income...

You're also going to attend the industry's premiere award extravaganza, the Living Legends Award® show – the CEG's black tie, red carpet, main event. This is a celeb-entrepreneur loaded lineup of the world's top marketers, speakers, coaches, authors and new media powerhouses. They'll all be sharing their best secrets about how to create the "celebrity effect".
Leading up to the award show, you're getting two full days of content – Thursday, September 26th and Friday, September 27th.

You'll get the latest trends, strategies, media tips, and business advice from event host, Clint Arthur and his cogent cast of celebrity entrepreneurs. Each of the featured speakers will share with you their "FINAL SPEECH". These are the secrets they would tell their own children about "How to Thrive as an Entrepreneur", especially leveraging the power of celebrity.

No matter which type of entrepreneur you are, there's something for you!

Bottom line, you're going to find out exactly how Clint has landed himself and 100's of his students on countless national TV and radio shows, and impossible to get stages, like Harvard University and the NASDAQ Jumbotron in Times Square!
Everything culminates on Saturday, September 28th, with the prestigious Living Legends 19 Award ceremony – LIVE at Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall!

Awards will be presented to the winning nominees in all 6 categories – Best Marketer, Best Speaker, Best Coach, Best Author, Best New Media Personality and Best Entrepreneur.

During their acceptance speeches, each winner will share their single best secret strategy to help you create and leverage celebrity in your business. These are the golden nuggets of knowledge that will help you celebritize and monetize to the max!

These "acceptance speech" nuggets alone will make the attending Living Legends 19 the single best decision you'll make inside your business all year.

Plus, let's be honest...who doesn't want he chance to network with some of the biggest industry influencers – ALL IN ONE PLACE?
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"Bottom line, if you want to stay relevant in your game, you'll be at Living Legends."
~ Ice-T
This event is for you if...
  • You’re a MARKETER looking to separate yourself from all the “me too” marketers out there and build your own brands and create sales on a giant scale...
  • You’re a SPEAKER who wants people inviting you to speak on the biggest stages, without you ever needing to ask or pay for the spot...
  • ​You’re a COACH who's ready to finally stand out and be recognized as a leader, influencer and visionary, who never gets clumped together with the giant pile of hacks unable to help people the way you can...
  • You’re an AUTHOR who wants to get your message out to millions more people and you need to know the secrets of leveraging both traditional and new media to grow a real business, with serious revenue...
  • ​You’re a NEW MEDIA personality wanting to make a huge splash and create a global empire, by getting your content into as many new spaces and places as possible...
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Impactful Entertainment
It's one thing to learn the art of leveraging the 'celebrity effect' to take your business to amazing new heights. It's another thing altogether to have a frickin' BLAST doing it!

That's why the Celebrity Entrepreneurs Guild® has carefully chosen this group of featured speakers...

You'll not only get great value from the knowledge they share – they're pro level entertainers. Prepare to be entertained and amazed by REAL WORLD celebrity entrepreneurs, like...

Ice-T and Coco Austin; Martha Stewart; Walter "The Scorpion" O'Brien, the smartest man alive; PLUS many more!

You'll leave Living Legends19 feeling excited and energized to actually apply what you've discovered about 'celebritizing' yourself.
Actionable Content
In addition to the unmatched entertainment and award presentations, hundreds of the world's top celebrity marketers, speakers, coaches, authors and new media personalities are slated to attend Living Legends 19 for one reason – THE CONTENT.

With this one-of-a-kind event you're getting 3 full days of proven, actionable, strategic content from experts (and a real celebrity entrepreneurs). These are people who've been in your shoes and wielded the "sword of celebrity" to turn their businesses into unstoppable juggernauts.

There is no "conceptual thought" or "theoretical strategies" behind any of these sessions. You're only getting tested, proven tactics compliments "MR. CELEBITIZER", Clint Arthur, plus many of the top celebrity entrepreneurs on the planet! This is knowledge that will ultimately help you gain celebrity and convert it in to revenue.

You'll walk out of the event with actionable strategies you can apply immediately!
 Unparalleled Networking
Take a look at the list of Living Legends 19 Award™ nominees below...

Now, imagine connecting with the 'top of the top' most celebrated and battle tested marketers, speakers, coaches, authors and new media rockstars. You'll be among your people, with celebrity entrepreneurs from every industry, vertical, and corner of the globe. 

Plus, we'll help you break the ice (plus eat ice-cream) with your very own ticket to the "All Access Ice-cream Social", sponsored by Ben & Jerry's. You can celebrate and share all your "aha" moments. This is the perfect space to get on these influencers' radar and find out their secrets to overcoming the same obstacles you're trying to beat.

You'll leave Living Legends 19 having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you, PLUS those BIG TIME connections you can't make anywhere else!
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"Living Legends 19 is the definition of "BIG TIME". Miss it and miss out – BIG TIME!"
~ Dan Kennedy
Video Courses and More Worth Over $8,000!
"Celebrity Entrepreneurship" Book & Ebook by Clint Arthur ($49 Value)
"What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School" Audio Book by Clint Arthur ($500 Value)
Hal Elrod's
"Miracle Equation System"
($1364 Value)
"Your Core Offer Masterclass" with Steve Larsen
($2000 Value)
"7-Figure Speaker" Video Course by Clint Arthur
($1000 Value)
​​Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Networking Extravaganza ($2999 Value)
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